Speed Hawk Gaming

Yup, we're back. Miss us?


Speed Hawk is back baby!

That's right, we've returned to the battlefield.

We have finally decided to bring back the America's Army Speed Hawk Servers because let's face it, it needs us back.

So come on and join the revamped Speed Hawk servers, because we know so many of you gamers have been banned from the other shitters. But don't worry, just cause you're good, doesn't make you a cheater to us.

Make sure you read the rules so you aren't the first one to get banned.


Check us out on Discord

We have a Discord Sever

We handle everything over on our Discord Server. Literally everything. If you want to report a player, you do it there. If you want to appeal a ban, you do it there. Anything you can think of, we do it over there.

Everything is waiting for you.


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