Make sure to read through these somewhat carefully.

Rule One

No Cheating

Swear to god you will get banned so damn fast if you cheat. Despite the popular opinion about our team, we don't actually like cheaters, nor are they welcome to conduct their shenanigans on any of our servers.

Rule Two

No Ghosting

We count this as cheating, or if you're a real gamer then we'd classify this as "Meta Gaming". We don't let you use anything but your mouse, keyboard, and brain to your advantage.

Rules Three

Have some Respect

Don't come on to any of our servers being a dick head to anyone, unless they're being toxic to everyone... then a little bit of friendly bullying is allowed.

Rules Four

Ping Limits

We do enforce a ping limit of 300 across all of our servers. This is for an obvious reason. You're gonna ruin the game for everyone else if you're hopscotching around the map. This rule however isn't enforced if there's less than 8 people online.

Rule Five

Flag Running

Running the flag is an essential part of this garbage game, but if there's less than 4 players on a team, we don't allow you to run it. This just keeps the game interesting instead of aids.

Rule Six

No Racism

Listen, if you're still one of those people who think it's funny to break social taboos by saying the N word, or words like it, then you just aren't welcome here. We don't want you.

Rule Seven

Don't Impersonate

Don't you even think about adding [sH] anywhere in your name unless you're on our team. This caused SO many problems for us last time, so we are going to be more harsh about it this time around.

Rule Eight

No Recruiting or Advertising

Listen man, we don't come to your server and kick the cock out of your mouth, so don't kick the cocks out of ours. If you are on our server don't tell people to go to a different server, or to join your shitty clan, we won't tolerate that shit.

Rule Nine

Gotta Produce them Cleanies

If your Punk Buster screenshots don't come back lookin squeaky god damn clean, then your ass is gonna get thrown the fuck out. If you have no idea what Punk Buster screenshots are, Google it before playing.